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Our CDs



Naxos - 2015

Italian polyphony for voices and instruments, from the collections of frottole published in Venice by Petrucci during the first years of the XVI century. For four voices, two or three viola da gamba, flute, lute, percussions, Renaissance guitar (9 performers).



Gioco di voci

Philarmonia - 2004

An exciting journey through Renaissance music from all over the Europe: chansons, madrigals, villanelle mostly by Frech-Flemish composers such as Josquin, Janequin and Lassus. After the concert-show by the same name first performed at the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto in 2003.



Volgete gli occhi a tante meraviglie

Philarmonia - 2004

A collaborative project, born on the occasion of the exhibition on the Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens, held in Genova (Palazzo Ducale) in 2004. It includes music from Rubens’ times never recorded before, by almost forgotten Genoese and Ligurian composers, thus bringing this compelling repertory back to life.


Musiche per Van Dyck

Rivoalto -1997, republished by Newton Classics - 2014

This CD was produced on the occasion of the exhibition on the Flemish painter Anton Van Dyck held in Genova (Palazzo Ducale) in 1997. This same program was performed in concert by the Ring Around quartet at the opening of the exhibition. All contemporary works were world premiere performances. 


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